BOXY Road Map

Crypto-Currency is here to stay! Now is the time to build foundational crypto-currency tools.  BOXY Coin development is focused on creating simple, intuitive, user-centric solutions.  Cloud Infrastructure and Services are one of the fastest growing areas of digital technology today.  Cloud Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) for crypto services is just starting to emerge.  BOXY's goal is to create a P2P Cloud Ecosystem for the hosting and use of Crypto Services. 

The Road Map is split into the three categories below.  Click on the goals listed under each category to read the full details.


Tech Development

We are preparing the BOXY Blockchain and wallet for the future of crypto. While maintaing the open-source code-base of a crypto wallet, BOXY Developers also work on a range of other projects. Including coin faucets, web wallets, and our very own Discord Tip Bot.  BOXY's first large project will be the development of a P2P Crypto Cloud Infrastructure Ecosystem - to be in testing phase by Q1 2019.


Community & Marketing

Growing the BOXY Community and spreading the word of our mission requires daily commitment.  The first major order of business is to present an open-source white-paper for investors.  We will continue to expand the range of services we offer, while engaging the community, and offering seemless updates to existing products.


Non-Profit Foundation

Development and Marketing take resources and people power.  The BOXY Foundation will organize and manage the Open Source Community and Software.  Transparency, Open Governance, and Decentralization are important to operating a successful Open Source Project.  It is BOXY's plan to uphold the very highest standards of equality and inclusivity that is possible in our digital age.