Charter BOXY Foundation

GOAL: Draft an Open Source Charter for the founding of a Non-profit Organization.
DUE DATE: November 20th, 2018

Currently, BOXY is operating with no outside funding.  Up to this point all participation has been by hard working volunteers.  With the goal of launching BOXY as a capable software development competitor in the Crypto Cloud Market, BOXY will need to manage larger resources and man power.  We would like to keep with the traditions that have made Bitcoin such a valuable project by basing the foundation on the points below:

  • Decentralization of Management and Resources including Development Funds and Premine
  • Open Source Community Principals and charters
  • Peer 2 Peer Governance Procedures

You can support BOXY by donating to the addresses below:

BOXY: XGAFv13VPAMtamGkmRaVnxm1XptbswVa6d
BTC: 3QtQST53wyqK3Dr8gJ4yUp3AWyyXCYTSpm
LTC: MMbkvqCZ7M8FDcAnkuDtgQmk1VHwHrpnRK
ETH: 0xEAB1111b0989705f311b48740631c5ED6291836C