Cloud Development - Containerization

GOAL: Containerize BOXY Wallet
DUE: Monday, October 8, 2018

Following the same trend of web server technology moving to the cloud, BOXY is building crypto solutions for the cloud.  Gone are the days of a crypto user being able to download, update, and manage all of the necessary crypto software on their personal computer.  Naturally, these software will be redeveloped and live in the cloud as on-demand, cryptographically, secure services.

Containerization technologies allow software to run in the cloud.  Cloud providers Google and Amazon have been building and using containerization tools to automate processes and services in the cloud for many years now.  Kubernetes and Docker and two examples of open source software that has been released by large companies for the containerization of software and deployment into the cloud.

Adapting BOXY wallet to a Docker container is the first step for moving BOXY into the cloud.